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Step 1

You're here as you're aware that something isn't right in your life and have decided to find :

  • what is happening to you

  • how to heal 

  • how to be happy again

  • social support through an online community

You seek support, understanding and guidance from a tribe of people who 'get it'


Step 2

Healing begins with education & understanding of 

what you are going through and realising that you are

not the crazy one

Our Facebook page posts free content with tips on recognising and healing from toxic relationships and its effects on your mind, body and spirit

Knowledge is Power


Step 3

Find new ways of

being, doing, thinking and feeling to create peace, calm, gentle assertiveness &


We have a holistic approach to healing spirit and designing a life with purpose, happiness and free of toxic people

Self-Care activities and support to help keep you on your healing journey 


Step 4

A new awakening & self-empowerment is emerging

You are beginning to feel the strong effects of the last 3 steps in your healing journey

Now you seek to find life purpose, possibly want to create financial independence as a back-up plan & develop new healthier friendships with people who see life like you do now, filled with possibility

This is the unstoppable YOU!

You're doing the healing work, momentum is building from your commitment to break through the toxic environment and you now know you deserve to be happy and have what it takes to achieve anything you set your mind to


Our Services


We understand the importance of chatting to someone who 'gets it' and can offer guidance in healing your soul.


A toxic relationship healing coach provides support and inspiration .


For only $47 per month, you'll have access to :

  • a toxic relationship healing coach for chat Q&A 

  • resources to recognise and recover from a toxic relationship

  • our Let's Chat weekly virtual support group

  • online mindfulness and creative workshops

What Thrivers Say

What Thrivers Say

"The truth shall set you free"



Your holistic approach to healing inspired me to take back control of my life and set myself free. Thank you, thank you! For being there for me when I had no-one else to turn to and making it easy to contact you. 



Thank you for giving me strength when I was at my loneliest. You understood my pain and knew exactly how I was feeling. Your inspiring words lifted my spirits, helped me see life from a different perspective and heal.



I held onto the hope of light just like you told me, feeling so broken but you believed in me and inspired me to believe in myself. I look back at how far I've come and I'm so grateful for guiding me towards the light until I was strong enough to keep going on my own. Thank you! 

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